Founded in 2008, Redbox is a full-service agency specializing in event management, brand identity, website design, photography, exhibition design and signage solutions and has been working with companies of all shapes, sizes, and flavors throughout India. For more than 4 years we have been providing our clients with quality service supported by our unique passion and enthusiasm.

Redbox is the brainchild of Somi Gopalan and Girish Achaya. They met whilst working at Infosys Technologies Limited, and have over 30 years of experience in the events, design and hospitality industry between them. Each partner brings different strengths to the team. Somi specializes in design, creative flair, and operational skills while Girish’s logistical and PR skills complete the company. Somi and Girish will bring together a handpicked team of Redbox professionals and strategic partners to deliver outstanding solutions every time.

From small start-up companies to large multinationals, Redbox has a wide range of clients across diverse industries. We ensure that we understand the precise message our clients want to convey and deliver services that adeptly melds with their requests. So say hello, or drop us a line, should you need to create something extraordinary for your world.


Event Management

We offer a full range of specialist management services. We pride ourselves on our original ideas, quality of our service and provide solutions that are individual to your needs, because your business is unique, and your event should be too.

Whatever you are looking for we believe you will find it at Redbox. Above all, you will enjoy working with us, not least because we have a reputation for excellent results, efficiency, enthusiasm but also an extraordinary eye for detail.



Redbox’s design team consists of a group of bright and talented design experts who have worked in some of the largest software corporations in the world. The common thread is that all these individuals have a passion for design, for creation, and the absolute delight that a perfectly done assignment offers.

Redbox combines creative and leading-edge technology to deliver the latest in web solutions. We create brand identity and design, and rich Internet applications.


Best of all, a team of specialists is assembled to address each client’s specific needs. So you won’t be paying for overhead or services you don’t want. You’ll get high-quality websites for less. What could be better? Just one thing: Trust. Our overarching philosophy is to always do the right thing for each client and their business. Honesty and integrity are our guiding principles. And that’s the truth.