Founded in 2008, Redbox is a full-service agency specializing in event management, brand identity, website design, photography, exhibition design and signage solutions and has been working with companies of all shapes, sizes, and flavors throughout India.

We believe that fit is everything, and that truly appropriate events and designs only come from understanding before acting. So we work closely with our clients to understand the organization, its ambitions, culture, and challenges before we begin the creative process. It enables us to help the organization define its communication needs, and allows us to create a solution that perfectly fits the organization.

From small start-up companies to large multinationals, Redbox has a wide range of clients across diverse industries. We ensure that we understand the precise message our clients want to convey and deliver services that adeptly melds with their requests. So say hello, or drop us a line, should you need to create something extraordinary for your world.